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Used to be on the old portal?

If you were registered on the old portal, then chances are that a profile already exists for you in this new portal. In that case, please first try to go through the "Forgot Password" option to reset the password. Use the email address that you think you used in the old portal when you signed up. If not, just create a new account and start from scratch.

Live Chat in your Language

With the help of the folks at Jivo we can now understand your language. when chatting with us, Feel free to type in your native language and even though we will respond in English, Jivo seems to do a pretty good job of translating things pretty well. Feel free to give it a try.

Support by Email

Please note that our support team is usually inundated with requests from traders throughout the day. We usually try to respond to all emails and empty our queue within 1-3 hours but that's not always possible. So please be patient with us because certain queries cannot be handled by personnel on the live chat.